About Fourton


The goal of the founding partners in 2003 was to create a company where employees would be proud to work and which customers would cherish as an interesting and reliable partner. Permission to manage mutual funds was granted to the company in the beginning of 2004. The first two mutual funds, Odysseus and Stamina, were launched in March of the same year. Fourton Hannibal fund was launched in 2007 and Fiesta and Tempo funds in 2013. Since 2005, Fourton has also offered individual wealth management services. Fourton manages EUR600m worth of assets in five funds.

Our investment aim is to identify favourable mid-to-long-term risk/reward situations. In the shorter term we try to recognise the correct timing of buy and sell situations. A thorough investment analysis, sound stock selection and efficient trading execution provide the foundations for our professional, efficient and reliable fund management services. The consistent high quality of services springs from smooth cooperation between our portfolio managers, customer relations and administration. We might be a small, specialised equity investment “boutique”, but we were not born yesterday; our investment team has extensive experience of successful asset management in varying market conditions.