Asset management

Fourton Asset Management is based on a contract between an individual client and Fourton concerning asset management. The contract is based on the client’s individual goals and risk tolerance. Portfolio management is based on a full power of attorney and all the assets are stored externally under the client’s name. All bank accounts are set up in large, stable banks. While adhering to the agreed terms of investment, Fourton aims to apply its strategy to achieve the best possible return on the client’s investment.

Our asset management strategy is executed according to the client’s needs. Our clients can choose between a more stable long-term strategy or a more aggressive, concentrated share portfolio where the portfolio manager maintains a strong vision of the future development of individual companies or a specific sector. Based on the portfolio manager’s assessment of the market, a part of the portfolio may also be invested in debt-based instruments, funds or other asset classes.

The investment activities within asset management follow Fourton’s unified investment philosophy.

Foundations for asset management


Fourton Asset Management is an individual service that adapts to the client’s needs. The details are always agreed upon on a client-specific basis.

Long-term approach

We invest in the long term. The aim is to time the investments correctly with an investment horizon of several years, with the intention of achieving substantial appreciation.

Independence and the client’s best interest

Fourton is an independent company that is not tied to banks or brokerage houses and whose operations are guided by the best interest of our clients.

Special expertise

Fourton’s investment team has extensive experience in successful client portfolio management. Our special expertise is in equity investments.


We offer clear and transparent pricing. Cost-effectiveness benefits our clients.

Please contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about our asset management solutions.