Fourton Oy

Fourton Oy (Business ID: 2722772-3) is a Finnish limited company, offering wealth management services in accordance with the Act on Common Funds, section 5, subsection 1 “Common Fund Practice” and section 5, subsection 2 (1) “Asset Management”. The Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA) supervises our operations (

Board of Directors

Mr Jori Keckman, Chairman (since 2011)
Mr Christer Sjöblom, Chairman (2003-2011), Member assigned by unit holders (since 2011)
Mr Mikael Wahlström, Chief Executive Officer (since 2003)


Anders Svennas, CPA, Ernst & Young (since 2003)
Ulla Nykky, CPA, Ernst & Young (since 2010)

The custodian bank of the funds is:

Svenska Handelsbanken AB (Plc), Finland Branch